The Virgin STRIVE Challenge

29th July 2014

Grivel  “Mountain hardware partner” of the Virgin Strive Challenge

In August this year, the Virgin STRIVE Challenge, a multi-discipline mass participation endurance event, is taking place, which will see a core team, including Sam Branson, Marion Bartoli and Ade Adepitan, travel from London to the summit of the Matterhorn in Switzerland, entirely under human power. Hundreds of others, including Sir Richard Branson, Jack Whitehall, Jamie Oliver and Princess Beatrice, will join the core team across the different legs. These legs are three back-to-back marathons to the coast, rowing the English Channel, cycling to Verbier (900+ kms), hiking to Zermatt (7 days) and then climbing the Matterhorn, all of which will take just over a month (August 2014). All proceeds raised by the STRIVE Challenge will go to Big Change, a charity Holly and Sam Branson co-founded, dedicated to improving the lives of young people in the UK.

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Specifically, the money raised by STRIVE will go towards Big Change’s innovative Life Skills programme - a series of projects that will help give young people in the UK an opportunity to learn and develop the so called ‘soft skills’ they need to become healthy, happy and productive individuals. Young people today are leaving school and having to navigate a complicated world of new challenges and new opportunities. While they may have taught academically, often times they haven't had the chance to develop the communication skills, teamwork and confidence that they will need to rely on over the years ahead. Strive will help develop programmes that focus on these Life Skills and change the way they are thought about and taught nationwide

The Core Team will:

  • Run 3 back to back marathons from London to Dover

  • Row across the English Channel

  • Cycle through France to Verbier

  • Hike the Haute Route to Zermatt

  • Climb the Matterhorn

The marathon and the cycle legs are open to people who want to join and meet the Core Team

The event will start in the morning on August 7 and will on the 5th of September. 30 days in total, where the Core Team will run for 78.6 miles, row for 36 miles, cycle for over 900 kilometer, hike for 150 kilometers and climb nearly 2.000 metres from Zermatt to the summit of Matterhorn

Grivel Mont Blanc since 1818.

Innovation drives Grivel towards the future, but its roots are grounded in its long history dating back to the foundation of the company in 1818.

With a vast knowledge based on experience, quality and safety, and constant optimization of the “Made in Italy”,  Grivel makes products that its customers have to rely on.

Located at the foot of Mont Blanc it is essential for Grivel to respect the environment. Renewable energy is used throughout the whole production, and a constant research for environmental friendly technologies and recycled materials is a must.


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Do I think that someone would <a href="[link awaiting verification]; building the new library and it's parking lot on the Glidden parcel if someone parked there and went into town offices in the old library building? Do I think that the police department should move into the old Library building because they have some boxes in the attic that might cause their roof to cave in? Do I think that the town offices that have been in less than 6,000 sq ft for more than ten years would be cramped in 10,000 sq ft? No.


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