False Forging

False Forging Hero Image

Numerous trials have been undertaken through the years looking for a process that creates similar characteristic to that of hot forging: highly imaginative processes from die casting that produces products whose appearance is perfect but unpredictable from a mechanical point of view as the fibres are arranged in a purely casual way, to the so called 'cold forging' that describes something non-existent. It's a process involving cold pressing that claims to give the same results of real forging but seeing as the latter process is performed with real heat it is inevitably claiming non-existent characteristics. Consequently a hot drop forged head will be stronger as its thickness varies according to where it is needed most, it will be better looking due to this varying thickness unlike a sheered metal blade, it will be lighter as it is reinforced only where needed and it will be better balanced as every component is the right weight in the right place and you can feel the difference. It will also be a bit expensive but it's well worth the difference. Grivel's 150 years of experience has perfected its technology so that the price/quality ratio remains extremely fair.