Quality Management System ISO 9001

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Another important aspect with regards to the mountains is product quality management; Grivel prides itself in being the pioneer and always up-to-date in this area. Our fathers and grandfathers must have dealt efficiently with these problems in the past as the knowledge and experience accumulated over the years guaranteeing the quality of production and in fact lots of clients still trust us on this basis. Of course one of the major advantages of working at the base of Mont Blanc is the unique testing ground so near to hand: just step out of the factory and start striking blows on ice! During the 1980s the idea of giving products a guarantee was born. In 1992 Grivel, the first in its field, decided to use GS Sichereit Gepuften of TUV from Munich to certify products. This guaranteed the consistency between our products, what clients expected and what the company promised. This is what 'quality' really stands for: customer satisfaction with the promises made.

Today there are management systems and techniques that are implemented within a company using a 'quality management system' that, if used correctly, can ultimately result in a 'quality system certification' by an external official body (for example TUV) according to the ISO norms, International Picche Organization for Standardization, the only officially recognized body at a global level. This is the reason why we started to introduce a business quality management system in 1994. In 1996 we were finally awarded, another first in our field, the ISO9001 quality system certification. One might ask why bother making life more complicated with an outsider coming once a year to stick his nose in Grivel to check that we know what we're doing and have been doing for the last 200 years? The answer is easy: because we're now in the 21st century and our market is the whole world. When a company decides to go global and sell all over the world then it must take on board the rules of globalisation and those of international commerce. It's not enough just to accept and implement them without cheating (you'd be discovered straight away), your global partners need to have the guarantee that what you're promising in terms of quality, deadlines and prices is maintained.