The Machine 3.0

Selling Price
Range of use
Scottish Winter Mountaineering
Classic and Technical Alpinism
Perfect Use
Ice Falls & Scottish Mixed
Perfect Use
Shaft Resistance
400kg T rated
Chromoly Steel
Reverse positive

Grivel have been drop forging for nearly 100 years producing some of the strongest high quality steel available.  The Machine 3.0 is the culmination of this experience.

This is the first ice axe in the world to have a one piece shaft and head using heated drop forging.  The result is an ice axe that is amazingly strong but also brilliant to climb ice with; sensitivity has been increased allowing better placement and less chatter, tried and tested geometry excels on most terrains from easy angle ice to steep pillars & chandeliers.

Taking the above into account all of the above into account and adding the new drop forged Ice blade, which tapers down to 3mm and is T tested, the option of addin the 4.2mm Mix blade (with hammer and adze) and the addition of our re-designed handle means that The Machine 3.0 is difficult to beat when climbing ice or moderate mixed ground.