The Tech Machine

Selling Price
Range of use
Classic and Technical Alpinism
Ice Falls & Scottish Mixed
Perfect Use
Modern Mixed & Dry Tooling
Perfect Use
Ice Vario
Chromoly Steel

If you want a technical, leash-less axe for alpine, hard Scottish mixed or steep ice climbing, then The Tech Machine is axe to choose.

The Tech Machine is strong, with a T tested shaft and blade, and light weight.  It comes with the excellent new T tested Ice Vario blade provides amazing penetration even in brittle ice, yet being T tested, it is strong enough to see you through any tough mixed sections or even a dry tooling session or two. 

The handle is very comfortable to use over long periods, it's well insulated and includes a spike on the base which is handy for topping out and for use on approach. You can also attach your spring leash to them to keep your tools secure.

The balance of The Tech Machine is quite neutral, rather than being head heavy, which makes it a great all-round technical tool but this can be adapted with the addition of the optional Mini or full sized Hammer Vario, making the balance a bit more top heavy meaning a more efficient placement on longer routes and ice that's hard to penetrate.